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    Created by Andrew Vincent

    your caring companion

    for everyday life


    As a companion, my mission is... help people strive for satisfaction in life through simple pleasures, and support families in their role as primary caregiver.


    I offer 3 layers of support:

    personal companionship

    My focus as a companion is to bring joy and comfort into everyday living through meaningful and shared experiences. This occurs through visits at someone’s place of residence. I can visit in a person’s home or at a residential care facility.


    “family liaison"

    This is a supportive role to family members who are unable to visit as often as they would like. I strive to give the quality of care that family members would give if they were able to. I provide meaningful information to help family in their role as primary caregiver, and to help them make the most of their time with their loved one.


    “long distance liaison”

    I also provide more in-depth involvement as needed when family members live too far away to visit regularly, or are out of town for any period of time. In this instance, I can have more involvement in the oversight directly, managing the relationships with medical personnel and facility employees face to face. I can be more active in facilitating correspondence between family members and their loved one. For this layer of support, I offer a written summary to the family members, which would include details of the visits and recommendations for improvements to the living environment. I can implement any improvements that the family agrees would be beneficial. And, I am available to the family through phone, text, or email to answer any questions or just to “check in.”